How would X respond?

How would my mentor, leader, teacher respond to this situation, at this time and place, with these people in front of me?

What would they do?

How would they behave?

What would they create?

What story would they tell?

How would they make people feel?

Be with that feeling of embodying your greatest mentor. Know them and see them well, including the feeling of their clothes and the smell of their hair.

Use every bit of knowledge they have to show you.

Use it to cover the world in love and peace.



It’s not that I won’t face criticism or rejection throughout my life. I will. 100%, no doubt. It’s inevitable.

I’ve feared rejection for a while and I’ve realized that, instead of asking myself, “how will I face rejection?”, I need to instead ask, “how will I decide who is allowed to criticize or reject me?” What are the prerequisites for this?

The people I allow to reject or criticize me are ONLY the people who I look up to — meaning, people who are fully living in their truth, the people who are doing their own healing work, people who are making an effort to support something greater than themselves. If you aren’t doing that for yourself, I won’t take your criticisms seriously. I won’t take you seriously.



I win. every time i share my truth, i win. the other people, well, they’re just a projection. they can handle it. they can take it. if they can’t, they’re OUT. Out of my life. completely. I don’t care. Anything or anyone that makes me give up “me”, is out of the game for me. I don’t have to see them. I don’t have to talk to them. That’s all there’s left to it.

Done and done and done and done.

I feel a little bit freer every time I can be honest with someone. That’s all we’re here for. Right?