It’s just about working with what you have, that’s all there is to it.

The only thing there is to do is work with what you think, feel and know. It’s that simple.

When something external from you comes in and makes you feel some type of way, that is your call to move inward. To discover, rediscover, uncover what already is.

When it arises, let it. Be with it. Have it just — stay.

It’s in this moment that it can transform and move and shift. No need to push away or against.



tackle me with your ruthlessness

and i bathe you in compassion

cut me with your shameless lies

i give you more love

hate me with your piercing words

i shower you in bliss

do the thing that is unspeakable and i will send you a love that’s unbearable, untouchable, and unmovable

i will love you until the day i die



blue as the night sky

brown as the dirt that settles in the breeze

shapes and colors differ to please

what the eyes can see

go beyond, they said, in a voice quiet enough i can barley hear

to the place where red is no different from brown

to the quiet whisper that transcends all sound

let it meld into one

let it illuminate our blank canvas

let it lighten our hearts and fill us with joy

let it bathe us in simplicity



The only words you need to speak.

Whether its bliss, joy, love, connection, happiness or depression, apathy, fatigue, anger, stress. It’s, and this too.

And this too.

Repeat it. Again and again and again until your bones feel it. Until it syncs in with you and you know that there’s always gonna be another “and this too”.

No matter what you’re going through or how hard it gets, it’s just another feeling, emotion, energy. It’s just another moment.

Fleeting moments will come and go and so will how you relate to them. Changes and shifts, changes and shifts. Will you stay attached to them, or will you be able to sit back and say, and this too?





Spirituality, Mindfulness, Personal Transformation