Big Sister

Consciousness, or, “Big C” as I like to call it, is untouchable. It is beyond the body and beyond the physical senses. It is the thing that is no where and also everywhere at the same time. It is the thing that connects us to one another, and to our true selves.

It is the thing that sees it all — the good, the bad, the ugly, and still, it doesn’t waiver. It is unmovable, grounded, peaceful, bright, and omnipresent. It is a crystal gem hidden at the bottom of a dark, deep ocean.

I like to think of Big C as a big sister — sometimes, you forget to call her, or forget to check in and when you finally do, she might not fully understand what you’re talking about or what you might be getting so worked up about, but she listens anyway, both honestly and intentionally.

She feels like home — she’s safe, protective, and supportive and she’s just far enough away from your personal life — your friends, your relationships, your work, your drama — that she can see things a little differently than you can. She can see things just a little more clearly. Like there is some space now — like you and your story can take a break from being just you and your story. For a brief moment, it becomes about the connection between you and your sister instead of the connection between you and your story.

I try more often to connect with my sister and each time I do, I’m reminded of how she is my only real connection to home. By connecting with her, I connect to a part of myself that remembers — remembers the simplicity of it all, of my life. I remember the only thing that truly matters — this connection I have to home.

I remember just how much I really value this connection and more importantly, how much I want everyone else to experience this connection, too.



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Spirituality, Mindfulness, Personal Transformation