Broken Down

1 min readAug 11, 2022


When we really break things down — when we really understand what they are and where they came from and how they came to be, they start to feel less rigid.

They feel — moveable. Changeable. Transformable.

And goal of breaking things down isn’t to reduce them to zero. It’s not that.

It’s to do the opposite, actually.

It’s to energize and enrich them, again. To make them come alive.

It’s actually in the breaking down, and only in the breaking down, that we can restructure and rebuild. Revolutionize and make new.

It’s when everything that’s left in the structure is gone, that we can finally find new ways to make it whole again.

The next time things break down or dissolve completely, know that they’re not gone. Not at all.

They’ve simply taken on a new form — one that’s ever changing, unique, and powerful. Something it was meant to be, all along.




Spirituality, Mindfulness, Personal Transformation