The more you are certain about life, the less space you have to create something new.

The less time you have to draw up a new story, or come away with different results.

Your life isn’t serving you? You’re unhappy? Sad? Depressed? Lonely? Confused?

Stop drawing conclusions about life.

Stop assuming you know everything.

Stop assuming that your mind can grasp everything.

It can’t. It won’t. It will continue to let you down.

Instead, pay attention.

Be with what is.

Be with this moment.

Notice the the richness, and the aliveness of it all.

Feel the energy around you. Connect with it. No, not with your mind, but with your body, your soul, and your energetic field.

Things are shifting all the time. People are changing, objects are moving, life is creating. It is beautiful, chaotic, and messy. It’s ever changing, fluid, and radically unique.

The more you pay attention to life, the less conclusions you draw you about it.

Start right now, in this very moment. Notice the feeling of the breath inside of you, moving in and out.

Pay attention to the subtle sounds around you, what do you hear?

Notice how your body wants to move. Where does it want to go? What does it want to say? How does it want to express itself as energy in human form?

Pay attention.

You might just find a bit of joy today.

Spirituality, Mindfulness, Personal Transformation

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