If you were so confident in who you were, you wouldn’t feel the need to explain it to anyone.

If you really knew and believed in who you are, it wouldn’t matter how other people perceive you. You would just be with them in each moment.

They would think what they think and you would think what you think, and that would be that.

It’s simple, really. Just feel and know what is true for you and share that with others. But then let go of expectations that they have to see you in that same way because most likely, they won’t. Most likely, you don’t see them that way, either.

Ask people, how do you like to be seen? What do you feel are the qualities in yourself that you want others to admire, too? What’s special inside of you that needs to be acknowledged by other people?

For me, it’s the qualities in me that have nothing to do with my ‘labels’, but everything to do with my character. My energy. My love and desires. That’s how and what I want people to see and admire.

I remind myself of this often because I can oftentimes get so caught up in the roles I play, hoping that people perceive me in a particular way. What I want, really, is for them to see and connect with me, particularly on those qualities I see in myself. The qualities in me that will make a difference for others.

Spirituality, Mindfulness, Personal Transformation

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