People often say, “some people just have it worse than others and they can’t do anything about it”. I get what people mean by it. Some people are forced to have more resilience, because of the circumstances that happens in their lives.

But, why is that?

Why do certain people need more resilience?

Events are neutral, and they don’t inherently contain “good” or “bad” properties. Our experience of an event is completely based on how we perceive it.

What is it, then, that makes people feel as though they have it worse off than others?


That’s what it all comes down to. We all have certain expectations about how things SHOULD be, whether it’s because of society, culture, our family systems, or our own minds, we do. These expectations are what creates suffering. It is what requires us to be resilient, because those expectations don’t match up to reality.

The truth is — without expectations of what life should be or should look like, life just is.

A life without expectations looks like sitting back and watching it all go down. No attachment to the outcomes, no attachment to anything or anyone. Just enjoy the moment as it comes, and as it passes.

I recognize this is easier said than done, but in any case, I choose to surrender my expectations.

Spirituality, Mindfulness, Personal Transformation

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