I take a deep breath, and allow myself to actually feel — my body, my mind, my energy, just as it is in this moment, in this moment of time and space. There’s nothing to do or change or fix, just something to be with.

I feel a subtle energy, a nudge that’s coming from deep within my heart center. It lets me know what’s inside of it. Sometimes it’s sadness, other times pure joy.

What I find most important about this practice is that I’m not attached. I observe and witness and feel what’s happening inside me and yet, I don’t have a narrative about it. I don’t have an opinion about right and wrong. I just feel.

As I open myself up and tune into my body, mind and spirit, I’m not only saying to the universe “yes please, let’s connect”, I’m also saying “let’s connect, and you are in control, I am not.”

It’s a surrendering of the self. It’s a death of the ego. It’s allowing, rather than controlling.

I take a deep breath each day, and surrender to it all.


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