1 min readJan 23, 2023

Focus your attention on something.

Your attention, then, becomes all that you are in that moment. A new you, filled with possibilities, potential, infinite-ness.

Whatever you place you attention is what you become.

What are you going to focus on? What are you going to move your mind towards? Away from?

What kind of awareness do you want to bring into this world?

I place my attention on my breath. I then become the breath. Completely. No exceptions. There is nothing outside of the breath (me), that matters anymore. It just is. We just are.


The breath exists. It is neutral. It is unique. It is full of life.

The breath is beautiful, powerful, and something we should pay more attention to.

Now that I’m resting my attention on the breath, I can see how pure, how potent, how important it is to life.

I hone in on what deserves my attention and I remember — nothing exists without my attention, so where I choose to place it becomes extremely important.

Thank you, breath. For allowing me to live, feel, bring energy into this world.