Good or bad

2 min readJul 8, 2022

There is nothing right or wrong or good or bad, just what feels “right” and “good” for you.

I remember hearing this advice from a friend of mine. She was teaching me to love myself more. “Ignore the haters”, she would say. “Be yourself”. Most of the time, I just ignored her. “Okay”, I thought, “easy for you to say” You fit right in. You don’t have to worry about what it’s like to be collectively seen as “bad” or having something you do, just by being yourself, be seen as “wrong”. You are a well finished, perfectly polished product of society’s making.

You can do that.

But not everyone.

Some people are protected here.

Some aren’t.

To say “there is nothing good or bad” is to completely overlook the realities we face.

But enough dwelling. There’s something true about her words. There is nothing good or bad, truly. There just is. What we make of things is always up to us, and whether that’s an individual or a collective decision, it is what makes things “true”. Our reality is in our hands.

It always was.

The way things are now, exactly in this moment, are a result of us. We are in a predicament that is exactly right, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

So this is not good, given the current state of world, right?

Or is it?

If things are completely up to us, and nothing is good or bad, we can change it, right?

We can imagine something different, and actually believe it might come true, in the future.

Collectively and individually, we can start over. We can form a rebirth. A reawakening. A reunion. A wholeness.

When there is nothing good or bad, inherently, we have space to create. To dream. To live in the in between.

We have space to move outside of the boxes and take charge our of own lives. We can slowly creep up on the edges of what’s made us uncomfortable and press buttons upon buttons until we find something we can rejoice about.

When there is nothing good or bad or right or wrong, (in terms of WHO WE ARE) it lets us ALL off our leashes. No rules. No consequences. No shame.

What if?

What if?