Letters to my younger self — be WHO YOU ARE. Let the world judge because ultimately, their reaction to what you do doesn’t and shouldn’t make a difference. It doesn’t matter.

Also do things differently — don’t just act in the same way out of unconscious habits and conditional behaviors. Things are changing all the time and so are you. Recognize this — things change moment to moment, feelings, emotions, wants, needs, desires, reactions, circumstances. There is absolutely NO way to control all of it with the psyche. The psyche has to let go and surrender and be with what is — an ever evolving omni present, loving awareness that exists behind everything on this reality that’s happening.

Eternal presence — I love sitting down with someone, taking a deep breath and realizing that right in this moment is all there is. There’s nothing else in the world that matters more than this moment, right here, with this beautiful soul. Every single moment is sacred. If we make it sacred.

I’ve started recently to change the dynamic of how I interact with people. Moving slower. Staying at a pace that feels comfortable to me. And paying attention and staying close to my feelings, and being conscious of other people’s feeling as well.

We are just souls — without labels, connecting with one another moment to moment. Things could and will change at any moment.

Just a random post about my thoughts right now.

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