1 min readOct 9, 2023

I identify with my soul, and it all gets easier.

When I speak, listen and breathe from a place that isn’t my personality, I can be present, free of worries, and intentional about how I move through the day.

I am just fully living.

I don’t have any agenda or resistance. Things just flow, naturally and it all seems to be okay.

When I see myself from this perspective, I also see others this way. Their bodies become more like objects, and what I tune into instead is their souls. Their true essence — love.

This isn’t some magical way of thinking. It’s rather natural.

I put my mind into my heart center and experience my world 10x differently. It’s an easy shift. There isn’t much wanting or needing or grabbing in this place. It’s more about loving and freeing oneself, instead.

Identifying with my soul means that I understand the “me” in a different way so inevitably, I will relate to others in a different way.