What Is Spirituality?

For a while, I thought spirituality was about crystals, tarot cards, and pink hair dye. Although I am a big fan of all those things, what I’ve realized is that there is so much more to it than that.

Spirituality is about paying attention, all the time. It is the result of living a conscious life, and it requires hard work and dedication.

I won’t attempt to define spirituality for you, or even for me, because it won’t do the term, or your own personal experience any justice. What I can do, however, is tell you what spirituality feels like. For me.

It is a constant, and often overwhelming feeling of love. It is a knowingness that we are all connected on the deepest of levels. And it is painful — it is a pain that runs so deep in my heart that sometimes, it’s difficult just to get through the day.

It is so raw, and so human — it’s hard work, and there are no instructions. Sometimes, (OK, a lot of times), I want to quit and give up and get a drink and just RELAX. But I don’t. I want to — and then I remind myself that the only thing more painful than experiencing it, experiencing life, is not experiencing it, because that would a life half lived and in my opinion, a life wasted.

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