2 min readFeb 13, 2024

It was not too long ago that I started to enjoy writing. The main reason being was that it forced me to do something I don’t often give myself the luxury of doing — be present.

Writing allows me to sink inward, to notice the movements of mind and, maybe, for a little while, even begin to quiet them.

When I’m writing, I surrender to something greater than myself and what happens on paper gets done in that way, without “Me”, my ego, being involved. There’s a release of pressure — of right or wrong, criticisms, and of outcomes.

When I read the words of other writers — poets, novelists, journalists, it makes me curious about their process, and there pathways to success in writing. Such well articulated thoughts on the paper, but, is it true to their live experienced and to what degree I wonder.

My goal for my writing is to have it come from a deeper place within me, not just for myself and my own needs but for whoever reads my writing. I want it to hit something in your hearts in the same way it’s clicked for mine in the past. People are inspired to write when they are at their lowest of lows and their highest of highs. They write because they can and because it gives them clarity and insight and a sense of presence. And it’s a beautiful thing when, in this day and age, there is something that can get both parties, the writer and the reader, to get still and present and connected to themselves through the process.