1 min readJun 3, 2023

what would tony robbins do?

what would ram dass do?

what would oprah being doing right now?

these are the questions I ask myself when I’m feeling low, or when I’m thinking too much, or feeling shitty about a situation I’m in. Usually, the people I look up to wouldn’t sit around and mope, or take the time to ruminate on their negative feelings or feel victimized in their situation. Instead, they would be making the most of it, appreciating everything for what it is and for what they have. They would be illuminating the good and focusing on what’s right in the front of them. They would be planning for some big event or dream. They would be envisioning what it would be like to change the world and then creating a plan to make it happen.

They would be meditating, organizing, reading, thinking clearly, being nice to people, eating healthy. They would be not wasting a minute of their time feeling bad or guilty or shameful. They would be utilizing and strategizing and feeling and being and creating every moment that they can.

Sometimes I feel I don’t always have the power to do this myself. My mind doesn’t always go there, so I need something (or in this case, someone) to remind me that I can try on someone else’s mind. Someone I admire and look up to. Someone that I see the best in.

That’s my mission, today. Just for today. See through the lens of someone I admire.